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Frequently Asked Questions

Are They Expensive?

The cost of my promotional products varies by individual item and your budget constraints. You do not need to overspend but you do need to spend wisely. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for and a "cheap pen" is exactly that . . . a "cheap pen". It probably will not write and, if it does, it will blot and streak. Why waste your quarter when you can buy a quality product for a few pennies more?

Do They Work?

Does the tagline "Just Do It" with a checkmark-like logo ring a bell? If it does, then the obvious answer to this question is “Yes!” Everyone likes getting free things and, if this "thing" has your name on it, has a perceived high value, and is useful, these same qualities quickly become associated with you and your business.

Who Uses Promotional Products?

The real question is “Who doesn’t?” All businesses large and small get the word out through promotional items. Promotional products are suited for all applications, from business gifts and incentive programs to internal promotions such as TQM and quality programs. You might even pass them out at events, trade shows, or as employee service awards. I work with many of the following company and organization types:
• Trade & Professional Organizations
• Government Agencies
• Financial Institutions
• Schools
• Healthcare Industry
• Hospitality Industry
• Real Estate & Insurance Agencies
• Construction Companies
• Media & Entertainment Fields
• Travel Agencies
• Manufacturers & Retailers
• Salons & Spas
• Bars & Restaurants
• Churches
• Sport Teams
• Doctors, Lawyers, CPAs
• Architects

Should You Try Promotional Products?

To find out whether promotional products from my advertising agency would work for you, just take this quick quiz:
1. Would you like to increase sales?
2. Would you like your business name to become a household word?
3. Would you like your business logo to be more recognizable?
4. Would you like to thank a new customer/account in a memorable way?
5. Are you tired of selling candy to raise funds for your organization?
If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then it is time for you to call my advertising agency to discuss using promotional materials.
Contact me for more information about using promotional products from my advertising agency.
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